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Fee Schedule

Timber Sales Consulting

      Carolina Timber Consulting, Inc., offers a wide range of services.  We determine fees on a client by client basis.  When the sale of timber or land is involved, we can work on a commission basis. 

      We also offer an hourly consulting rate for those who are not sure, or do not need to or desire to sell at this time.

     Timber and timberland management on an annual basis is negotiated with the client based on the volume and type of services that may will be involved.

      There will NEVER be any type of sales pressure applied to anyone who contacts us, or hires us for our services.  All of our client's business is held in strictest confidence.

      Our contracts are detailed, yet easy to understand.  They cover the many aspects of our work, and even guarantee we will not receive pay of any kind from any other source than our client. 


I enjoy getting to know and become friends with my clients. Please use the Contact Us option to let me know if you would like to know more!