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Timber Sales Consulting

      Carolina Timber Consulting, Inc., is a professional company.  We are happy to work for our clients regardless of the growth stage of their forests.

      Trees are a complex commodity and a forest can need many things: line maintenance, road maintenance, hunting leases, fire control, insect control, thinning, chipping, chemical applications, harvesting, just to name a few.  We offer assistance either with our own staff, or of other professionals and contractors.  We work closely with the NC Forest Services in every county.


As A Consultant

As your timber consultant, I will offer you knowledge beyond simple forestry.  Knowing how to grow and manage a healthy forest is excellent.  But equally and really even more importantly is knowing what do with the timber once it is grown!  Just mailing out invitations to a list of timber buyers is easy (and necessary if you do not understand what happens beyond this).  Knowing how it all works from the buyer's side adds another whole dimemsion in benefit to my client's best interest.

Timber Brooker


      I have discovered over the years that there is much confusion about the "best way" to sell timber; it is a mysterious business to say the least. But being an "insider" for so long I have come to believe much confusion is based on rumors.  Rumors started by some in the industry to give them an "advantage:  This may sound a little bit odd, but when you contact me I will explain why; I believe you will agree.

     Timber involves no small amount of money; thousands of dollars… your dollars… are at stake.  Knowing how the timber business works allows me to reduce your risks.  I will gladly explain this in more detail when you Contact Us.


As A Real Estate Broker

Licensed NC Real Estate Brokers are governed by the laws of the State of North Carolina. We can help you with finding land for investment or enjoyment purposes, or help you find a buyer for your property if you would like to sell.

Though the timber business is a mystery to most, the real estate business is fairly familiar to most. I work in association with other licensed brokers on listings for land sales in order to reach more potential buyers.